Hyakumanben Tedukuri-ichi

Marguerite Label

Welcome to our website and thank you so much for stopping by! We are Marguerite Label .

We are making glass beads pop like candy and cute brass charms at home studio.We create necklaces,broach,bracelets and pierce from the beads,charms. We love making Jewelry that makes people smile. Thank you.


Chionji Temple

103 Tanaka Monzencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto,Japan

The Hyakumanben Tedukuri-ichi is famous handcraft market.

Held on the 15th of every month inside Chionji Temple in Kyoto Japan.

Open 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Train ,nearest station Demachiyanagi

Chinji Temple's nearest station is about 10 minutes walk to the east direction in Demachiyanagi station .


Kyoto Station Bus Terminal
Kyoto Station Bus Terminal

Kyoto City bus (17 lines), Kyoto Station → Hyakumanben bus stop[D].

Hyakumanben Bus stop
Hyakumanben Bus stop


Hyakyumanben bus stop[A]→Kyoto station




In the vicinity of the temple there are a lot of fast food restaurants

Kyoto University Cafeteria

entrance of the west campus
entrance of the west campus

Cafeteria in the Kyoto University .Near the entrance of the west campus.

" cafeteria Renais " Opening hours are from 11:00 . ( Public holiday is closed )

cafeteia Renais
cafeteia Renais

Fast food restaurant

McDonald's east of Chinji-Temple. It is crowded at 15 everymonth . Toilets are often crowded but there are two.

Sabway(sandwiches and drinks shop) in the southwest of the Chionji Temple.There are toilets two. Both go in 3-5 minutes from Chionji Temple.

Toilet ,Weather


Toilet (in Chionji temple) is 10-15 people waitaing.

If possible, you should use the station toilet or nearest Restaurants or Firstfood's toilet.

Rainy days

Shoes dirty with mud. Please wear such boots.

Sunny Days

From around April to September, it is better that there was a hat if possible.

Summer of Kyoto

Careful for heat stroke and dehydration. Please, frequently replenish the minerals,salt candy and sports drinks. Chionji Temple around, there are many vending machine .

Winter of Kyoto

January to February,morning  will be very cold than the early morning.

Marguerite Label

Our works sell in the here.

Blue Flag of our shop

百万遍 手作り市

Our shop and the surrounding map

Shop position of Margaret label, lunch map. It is within 3-5 minutes walk.

↓blue dot(our shop position)

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